Raw vegan salad

Zucchini’s are growing growing growing!

Now what do we do with it??

Sometimes people don’t like zucchini because they find it to……shall we say…mushy if not cooked properly.

How about raw?? I love it!

Beautiful. You can chop them in all sorts of ways…test your kids out, or your husbands for that matter. 

You can use them to dip, toss them into salads, or put them in sandwiches. If you haven’t had zuchinni for a while, give it a try. I love them raw more than I like them cooked. They don’t have a strong flavour, it’s really a refreshing, crunchy veggie that is really nice.

They are also super easy to shred and you can add them to almost anything!

Here’s the salad I made

I just chopped them up small with red bell pepper, some onion and for the dressing:

olive oil
lemon juice

So light and refreshing. A summer salad must. Super easy to make and it’s great picnic food or potluck food.



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